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Curriculum Features


Teachers follow the pre-primary education curriculums, these are based on thematic teaching, each of which promotes student-oriented construction, activities and derives children-centered learning opportunities for children to think, try, discuss and explore. This effective method leads to a happy learning outcome.


To meet the needs of the children's physical and mental development, they will learn and develop in a balanced way, including intelligence, physical ability, language, social and self-care, and inspire their interest in learning so that children can learn autonomously and spontaneously.

Curriculum Structure

We adopt "thematic teaching" and "spiral learning" to design our curriculum, which are based on children's daily lives and their holistic developmental needs. We also use "project-based learning" to stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Learning activities are conducted in the form of integrated teaching, by means of games, self-care training, drama, story, and hands-on experiments.

Moral education is emphasized in our school, of which the influence on a child's development is lifelong and is closely related to his everyday life. Suitable education since very young age will help children develop good characters and build harmonious interpersonal relationships.

Over the past years, the school has been organizing interesting educational activities to cultivate children's moral and civic awareness. We have been very honored to have received many awards and sponsors from the Yan Chai Hospital Moral and Civic Education Awards Fund, jointly organized by Yan Chai Hospital and the Education Bureau. Below are the activities highlights:

(The information on this page is only provided in Chinese.)

Reading is a window to knowledge. Since 2006, the school has introduced the Parent-Child Reading Scheme to foster children's reading interests and habits, promote children's language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), as well as enhancing parent-child relationships.

Smartkids English Programme & Putonghua Activities

The program is planned and implemented by native English and Putonghua teachers to enable children to learn English and Putonghua in a relaxed atmosphere and environment. Through interactive dialogues, singing, storytelling, arts, and various activities, the goal is to enhance children's English and Mandarin listening and speaking as well as mastering everyday conversations and vocabularies.

Physical Activities
We have hired professional physical fitness coaches to collaborate with our teachers and developed a systematic physical fitness curriculum, aiming at enhancing children's physical abilities, attention span and resilience.